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Fast and Reliable Residential In-home Air Duct Cleaning

Have you or your family members been suffering from chronic allergies, asthma or similar respiratory issues?   Dirty air ducts in your home might be making things worse. Residential air ducts need to be cleaned to avoid being contaminated with dust, lint, debris, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other undesirables.  Green Bay Duct Cleaning performs professional home air duct cleaning services in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, Appleton, Brown County and many other parts of NE Wisconsin. Our in-home residential air duct cleaning service is designed to be mess-free and can accommodate any home, large or small.  Green Bay Duct Cleaning does the dirty work, so you can breathe (and rest) easy. 

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High-Tech Equipment for the Most Effective Results

The Green Bay Duct Cleaners team uses the most advanced and reliable equipment during our air duct cleaning services. The equipment will effectively loosen, collect, and remove all dirt and dust in your air duct system.  We take great pride in providing a clean and stress-free environment both during and after our duct cleaning process.

3 Steps In Green Bay Air Duct Cleaning Service

Green Bay air duct cleaning company is thorough and dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Check out our straightforward 3-step Air Duct Cleaning Services process:

  1. We’ll start by making sure your property is protected, both interior and exterior. We will generate our cleaning plan and protect corners, doorways and floors where we will be working.  Our technicians will use protective shoe coverings to keep your floors dry and scratch-free.
  2. We’ll use a camera to check your air ducts. We then use negative air pressure cleaning, whereby the air ducts are placed under negative pressure and compressed air and a whip tool is used to remove the dirt and efficiently collect the dust with vacuum suction. At this point we may need to cut 1 or 2 access points into your ducts to set up the negative air pressure.  We will, of course, seal them again when we are finished. This method provides the most thorough and comprehensive air duct cleaning in Green Bay.
  3. We then hand-clean, brush, and vacuum each floor register, register cover, supply registers, drops and grill covers. After both the supply air and return air trunk lines are clean we will focus our attention on and near the furnace and air conditioner.  We will look for and clean out any dust and debris found at the filter box, blower fan and cabinet interior. 

Air Duct Cleaning Green Bay has you Covered!

When we’re cleaning your home’s air ducts, you can expect professional service, a mess free work area and technicians with a smile on their face.

When looking for the best and most thorough residential air duct cleaning in Green Bay, Appleton duct cleaning, Fox Valley duct cleaning or duct cleaning Brown County, look no further than Green Bay Duct Cleaning! We know, first-hand, how important your indoor air quality is to you and your family, and work hard to improve your health and quality of life through our expert duct cleaning, inspections and maintenance.  We guarantee our work is done the right way!

Our indoor air duct cleaning services also include commercial air duct cleaning Green Bay, so you can breathe healthier air whether you’re at work or home.

The FAQs page is full of good information and common questions about air duct cleaning, take a look today.