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Dryer Vent Cleaning Green Bay

Even with limited use, lint and debris can accumulate in your dryer vents and cause clogs that can lead to several dryer vent problems including poor efficiency, mechanical problems and also potential fire concerns.  Your dryer will work harder when the venting system is restricted or clogged.  This can lead to an increased risk of fire, wasted energy, mechanical strain on your dryer, increased wear on your clothing and even carbon monoxide concerns. There are thousands of dryer fires each year, many of which can be easily prevented by professional dryer vent cleaning. Green Bay Duct Cleaning has experienced technicians that are skilled in providing complete dryer vent cleaning to remove lint accumulation and debris.

Along with our extensive vent cleaning service, we offer a selection of other Green Bay, WI dryer vent services to increase safety and efficiency in your laundry routine.  With regular dryer vent inspections, maintenance, and cleaning, our dryer vent technicians will help your system operate safely and run as efficiently as possible. Green Bay Duct Cleaning in Brown County, Appleton, the Fox Valley and surrounding areas has you covered!  Here are three key benefits to regularly have your ducts cleaned:

Fire Safety – Very simply, dryers generate extreme heat and lint.  This combination, if left unkept, can cause fires.  Reduce fire risk and keep your home and family safe by keeping your dryer venting clean and lint-free.

Shorter Drying Time – Have you ever noticed how your drying time is longer when the dryer lint trap is getting full?  Clean the filter and suddenly your clothes dry faster.  Well, your dryer vent ducts are exactly the same.  Unfortunately, the dryer lint trap can’t keep all lint and debris out of your vent piping.  Having clean, wide open, dryer venting will allow the heated and moisture-rich air to easily pass through and dry your clothes more quickly.

Energy Efficiency – Whether your dryer’s heat source is gas or electric, it will function more efficiently with clean and debris-free venting and ducting.  When heated and humid air can easily pass to the exterior of your home, your dryer won’t need to work as hard to dry clothes.  This leads to less strain on your machine, less energy consumed, less damage to your clothing and more money staying in your pocket!!

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